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How We Got Our Start

Just The Small Stuff began as an organization idea to help people with the little details in life that can be overwhelming. But, after seeing the devastation COVID-19 had on the Indigenous community, our founder Amanda Erickson, decided to dedicate Just The Small Stuff to relief aid.  Find out what small stuff we take care of here. 

To date, we have been able to supply groups with 100,000 hygiene products, over 31,000 bottles of sanitizer, 2,000 pairs of socks, and hundreds of coats and sleeping bags.  We have had the pleasure of working with companies like Patagonia, Yoobi, Green Goo, Bombas, Cheekbone Beauty and most recently GEM/BStrong.

Get in Touch

Fill out the form below or contact us at   Info @ JustTheSmallStuff . org

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